Fire Systems, Inc.

A local company that performs specialized testing and maintenance of multiple high-pressure cylinders, such as SCUBA tanks, Medical Oxygen Tanks and Fire Extinguishers.


Shipping machine parts through retailers can get expensive. Some parts can’t be shipped to Hawaii at all. They want to keep expanding their business and reduce costs without affecting the quality of their service. 


Within 24 hours, Ship to Hawaii emails quotes to Fire Systems Inc. for the cost of their shipments, allowing the company to compare rates and secure the best deal. “It’s really simple,” says Dennis Tamamoto, Owner of Fire Systems Inc. Once they place an order, we send the company two email confirmations--one when the package arrives at our California warehouse and the other when it arrives in Hawaii, so they know what to expect and can pick it up right away.


Fire Systems Inc. now regularly uses Ship to Hawaii to ship not only parts, but everything from valve controls to employee uniforms. “Other companies have higher prices that would eat into my bottom line. If I have to charge my customers more to compensate for higher shipping prices, this makes me less competitive,” says Tamamoto. “And now I am able to purchase all of the items for my business without worrying if they will ship them to Hawaii.” 

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