Flexible Shipping Options

Choose to ship your item by air or ocean freight, and even consolidate multiple orders to ship at once.

We can help determine the best way to ship—consult the chart below to get started and contact us with any questions.

Air or Ocean Comparison Info

  • Small Packages
  • 3-5 days max to Oahu, 7-10 days to the Neighbor Islands
  • Shipments go out 2-3x/week.
  • Package in Monday, ready for pickup Thursday
  • Greater of dimensional or actual weight
  • $9.5 minimum charge for Oahu
  • $17.50 minimum charge for Neighbor Islands
  • Some prohibited items
  • Weight limit 70 pounds maximum
  • Size limit 108 girth
  • Large Items
  • 7 -  10 days to Oahu, 10 - 14 days days to the Neighbor Islands
  • Once weekly to Oahu, twice to the neighbor island
  • Total cubic feet--flat rate up to 15
  • $250 minimum charge (15 c.ft.)
  • HAZMAT okay
  • Weight limit 5,000 pounds maximum

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