How It Works

1 Price Your Shipment

Use our pricing calculator to estimate how much your shipment will cost.

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2 Create an Account

Sign up for an account—it’s free! Easily manage personal information and receive helpful tracking updates.


3 Receive Shipping Instructions

Look out for our email with your dedicated Member ID and instructions on shipping to our California warehouses.

4 Order Your Product

Now things get fun. Shop for the item you really, really want, and direct it to the assigned warehouse address depending on your choice of air or ocean shipping. To purchase loss/damage insurance, just log into your ShipToHawaii account and declare item value.

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5 Track Your Shipment

We’ll send you package updates throughout its journey home—when it gets to our warehouse, tracking information, and when it will arrive in Hawaii.


6 Receive Your Shipment

Pick up your package at our convenient Honolulu location, or choose from our Home Delivery options.


Our Customer Service is Top Notch

Have any further questions on how our service works. Contact one of our customer service representatives.

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