Small Business Advantage

Most shipping services think small businesses are just too small for the discounted shipping rates they offer large companies.

But with our 8000-strong member base, Ship to Hawaii can help you get shipping discounts that in turn earn your business larger profits, without sacrificing speed or inventory.

Whether restaurants or baby boutiques, local companies have used our service to order regular, volume shipments. Our shipping methods are also ideal for such businesses as interior design firms procuring goods from across the country and home remodelers.

Want to get your Made in Hawaii products affordably to neighbor island and California markets? We can help with that, too. Ship to Hawaii will even shrink wrap and strap your shipments onto a pallet—ready to go.

  • Shipping discounts increase profits
  • Get Made in Hawaii items (non-perishable) to market in California or neighbor islands.
  • Business of the Month web spotlight
  • Make one more aspect of your business local by partnering with our local service
  • Regular volume shipments equal lower fees

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