Before Shipping to Our Warehouses

Creating an Account

We want to get your package home as efficiently and quickly as possible. Creating an account and registering your credit card allows us to specifically track your items and get them shipped out immediately.

Having trouble setting things up? We’re happy to talk you through it—really. Just call us.

Choosing a Membership Level

To give customers even more flexibility, Ship to Hawaii offers three membership levels tailored to how much you plan to ship each year.

Gold Membership
$20/year; 1200-pound annual limit; no service charges.

Business Membership
$75/year; unlimited shipment weights; no service charges.

Free Membership
Just the basics. No annual fee; 600-pound annual limit; per shipment service charges equal to 10% of each order’s shipping charge.

Not sure which to choose? Call us—we’re happy to guide you to the one that best fits your shipping needs.

Calculating Shipping Cost

Air Freight

Note: Maximum dimensions for Air Freight shipments cannot exceed the following measurements:

Length - 80 inches /  Width - 60 inches /  Height - 60 inches

Our warehouse staff in Inglewood, CA determines shipping charges by calculating the dimensional weight of the package, and then comparing it to the actual weight. Whichever is greater will determine your shipping costs.

Dimensional weight, also called "dim" weight, applies to air shipments. Dimensional weight is used because the space a package takes on an aircraft may cost more than the package's actual weight. If someone ships a large box of foam that weighs almost nothing but takes up a lot of space on the aircraft, dimensional weight ensures that there is a fair cost associated with that package. Dimensional weight is calculated by using the following formula:

L x W x H (cubic inches) / 194 = Dimensional Weight.
Example: 30" x 24" x 22" = 15,840 / 194 = 82 lbs. (round up to the nearest pound)

Girth is the widest point around any object.

Ocean Freight

All ocean freight is billed in cubic feet. Our warehouse staff in Carson, CA determines shipping charges by taking the dimensions of the shipment to calculate the total number of cubic feet. Cubic feet is calculated by using the following formula:

L x W x H (inches) / 1728 = Cubic Feet.

Example: 48" x 42" x 25" = 50,400 / 1728 = 30 cubic feet. (round up to the nearest cubic foot)

Warehouse Addresses

When you create an account and choose a membership level, you’ll receive our warehouses’ full addresses and instructions about how to use your Member ID when directing packages there. 

Right now, here’s the city and zip code to help you better comparison shop. 

Air Freight
Inglewood, CA - 90301; Receiving hours - Monday thru Friday 10am - 4pm, closed on weekends and all holidays

Ocean Freight
Carson, CA - 90745;  Receiving hours - Monday thru Friday 8am - 4pm, closed on weekends and all holidays

Ordering Tips

  • Compare shipping costs at the retailer to Ship to Hawaii service charges.
  • Obtain product dimensions when packed for shipping. 
  • Know the retailer’s return and damaged items policies before shipping.
  • Order items via the Internet, catalog or phone.
  • Have your Member ID and assigned warehouse address on hand.
  • Double check that you’ve entered the correct warehouse address for your choice of air or ocean shipping to avoid the “wrong warehouse” delivery fee.
  • Make a plan for how you will pick up your item, especially if it’s oversized.

Prohibited Items

Some items cannot be sent via Air Freight and Ocean Freight

  • Perishable goods
  • Goods requiring protection from heat or cold
  • Goods worth more than the maximum allowed declared value ($5000)
  • Artwork
  • Antiques or museum articles
  • Fragile items such as glassware, mirrors, items containing or made up of marble, ceramic porcelain, glass, acrylic, or ostrich eggs
  • Jewelry, furs, precious metals
  • Stocks, bonds, cash, cash equivalents
  • Coins
  • Stamps
  • Batteries ( Please contact our Customer Service team for shipping quote)
  • Hazardous or dangerous materials (including anything flammable, corrosive, explosive, infectious, or radioactive)
  • Firearms, Tacticle Guns, Pellet or BB Guns, or fireworks, including components, cases, and ammunition
  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol (Due to federal regulations, our CA warehouses cannot accept any alcoholic beverages for interstate transport
  • Liquids
  • Live animals or plants
  • Cars
  • Boats
  • Motorcycles (can be shipped via Ocean Freight)
  • Golf Carts
  • Tractors
  • Surfboards  (can be shipped via Ocean Freight)
  • Electronics
  • Fiberglass
  • Household goods

Insurance for shipments

ShiptoHawaii shall be in no case liable for an amount in excess of 10 cents per pound, based upon the weight of the Cargo as furnished by the Shipper, not exceeding $500.00 for any single piece, for any loss of damage to the Cargo however and whatever arising or caused, unless the value and nature of the Cargo has been declared by the Shipper and inserted of the face of this Receipt and Agreement, and extra fees have been paid to and accepted by Company in consideration of the declared value.  If the actual value of the Cargo exceeds such declared value, the value of the Cargo shall nonetheless be deemed to be the declard value, and any claim for loss or damaged shall be based upon such declared value and the Company's liability, if any, shall not exceed the declared value.  Any partial loss or damaged shall be adjusted pro rata on the basis of such declared value.  The Company shall not in any cases be liable in any amount higher than the actual value of the Cargo.

Purchase Insurance

Ship to Hawaii will insure new items valued up to $1000 for an additional fee--just declare the contents and value of your package via your online account.   

Packages must be inspected by warehouse team before insurance coverage can be confirmed for shipment.  ShiptoHawaii has the right to refuse insurance coverage due to the condition of your package received.

The item must be brand new and purchased within 2 business days from your vendor and delivered directly to our warehouse.

Personal/Household/Used items are not insurable.  Also not insurable are items listed on our prohibited list.

Insurance up to the $5000 maximum declared value per item is also available--please contact us for a quote. 

If you choose not to insure your items at all, Ship to Hawaii is not responsible for any loss or damage.

To purchase insurance, simply log into your Ship to Hawaii account and you can purchase it from there.

Multiple Shipments

Ordering from a few different retailers or multiple packages from one retailer? Contact us and let us know what you’re shipping from which retailers, and we can consolidate all of your orders in one ocean freight shipment.

*not available for air freight

Obtaining Shipping Dimensions

Ship to Hawaii calculates cost using shipping dimensions of your product, not assembled dimensions. A smaller shipping size results in more cost savings so it’s important to obtain the correct dimensions. If necessary, contact the retailer’s customer service to confirm before ordering. 

Payments and Invoices

Shipping costs are automatically charged to the credit card registered to your account. Invoices are available to view and print from our website after log-in.

Rest assured, all credit card transactions are encrypted and run through a nationally recognized bank with more than 10 years of internet transaction experience.

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