During Your Shipment (En Route)

Managing/Tracking Shipments

Log in to your Ship to Hawaii account and track your package at any time. We’ll also send you an email notification when your package arrives at our warehouses.

Ocean Freight customers receive a personal email with specific shipment information, including:

  • Vendor Information
  • Package Condition
  • Number of Packages Received
  • Shipment Status
  • Confirm shipment complete or additional wait time (*consolidated shipments only)

Upon Warehouse Arrival

Your package has arrived at one of our California warehouses. Now what? Ship to Hawaii next consolidates your shipment with other Hawaii-bound packages. We want to get your package home as fast as possible, so we send them to Hawaii at minimum twice a week.

Shipping Frequency

  • Air freight packages are shipped at minimum twice a week from our Carson warehouse.
  • Oahu-bound ocean freight is sent once weekly from our Carson warehouse.
  • Neighbor Island-bound ocean freight is sent twice weekly from our Carson warehouse.

Sent to the Wrong Warehouse

Your ocean shipment was directed to our air freight warehouse by mistake? No problem. Ship to Hawaii will transfer our item to the correct warehouse for a nominal fee, minimum charge $75.00 

Up Next

After Your Shipment Arrives